Jon Taylor

Drummer, Percussionist, Composer, Improviser, Educator

Selected Performances

I found myself going through records of gigs, which I started documenting rigorously in 2014, and picked out every performance that helped me clarify and advance my musical identity. This is mostly for me, but will continue to update as a small sign of gratitude to the artists that have joined or included me in realizing a vision. Also IT helps with taxes.




5th: Carey/Wilder/Taylor @ Ziggy’s (Ypsilanti, MI)

6th: Brennan Andes & Friends @ A2 Distillery (Ann Arbor, MI)

8th: Derek Worthington’s Lossy Codecs @ Trinosophes (Detroit, MI)

11th: Andy Adamson Quintet @ Zal Gaz Grotto (ANn Arbor, MI)

12th: Saajtak @ The Pyramid Scheme (Grand Rapids, MI)

13th: Brennan Andes & Friends @ A2 Distillery (ANn Arbor, MI)

16th: Galen Bundy PIano Trio Feat. Kam Ogden @ Cliff Bell’s (Detroit, MI)



4th: Andy Adamson Quintet @ Live (Ann Arbor, MI)

5th: w/ Justin Walter & Tim Flood @ A2 Distillery (Ann Arbor, MI) 

6th: Abigail Stauffer Trio @ One Trick Pony (Grand Rapids, MI)

7th: Abigail Stauffer trio @ C3 (Grand Haven, MI) + Abigail Stauffer Quartet @ The Ark (Ann ARbor, MI) 

8th: Fire Music Mondays: Harlow/Taylor Duo  @ Trixie's (Hamtramck, MI) 

10th: Tristan Cappel Trio @ Old Town Tavern (Ann ARbor, MI) 

11th: saajtak @ PJ's Lagerhouse (Detroit, MI) 

13th: W/ Neal Anderson @ Avalon (Ann ARbor, MI) 

18th: Tim Flood Quartet @ Ziggy's (Ypsilanti, MI)

25th: Saajtak @ Trixie's (Hamtramck, MI) 

26th: Saajtak @ UofM SMTD (ANn Arbor, MI) 

31st: Jake Schwandt QUartet @ Cliff Bell's (Detroit, MI) 


1st: Andy Adamson Quintet @ Live (Ann Arbor, MI) 

2nd: Josh Harlow Trio @ Delores (Ypsilanti, MI) 

5th: Fire Music MOndays: Will Mcevoy Quartet @ trixie's (Hamtramck, MI) 

9th: Saajtak @ Ghostlight (Hamtramck, MI) 

10th: Josh Harlow Trio @ The Whiskey Parlor (Detroit, MI) 

14th-19th: Sonic Perfume Album Release Tour @ Old Town Tavern (Ann Arbor, MI), @ Eastern Market Brewing Company (Detroit, MI), @ Ore Dock Brewing (Marquette, MI), @ Velodrome Coffee (Marquette, MI), @ Cafe Bodega (Marquette, MI), @ Orpheum Theatre (Hancock, MI), @ Michigan Tech University (Houghton, MI) 

23rd: Saajtak @ Ziggy's (Ypsilanti, MI) 

25th: Saajtak @ Howler's (Pittsburgh, PA) 


2nd: Ben Willis' Success and Opportunity Band @ Ziggy's (Ypsilanti, mI)

3rd: Evan Haywood @ Third Man Records (Detroit, MI) 

5th: Fire Music Mondays: Will MCevoy Quartet + The Great Collapsing Hrung @ Trixie's (Hamtramck, MI)

9th: Travis Swanson Trio @ 18th Amendment Distillery (Muskegon, MI) 

11th: Says Things + saajtak @ Threads All Arts Festival (Ypsilanti, MI) 

14th: Tim Flood Quartet @ Old Town (Ann Arbor, MI) 

16th: Throwaway @ Ziggy's (Ypsilanti, MI) 

19th: FIre Music Mondays: Says THings @ Trixie's (Hamtramck, MI)

21st: Jon Taylor Trio @ Cliff Bell's (Detroit, MI)

23rd: Says Things Album Release Show @ Ziggy's (Ypsilanti, MI) 

24th: Galen BUndy Piano Trio @ The Whiskey Parlor (Detroit, MI) 

25th: Brennan Andes Group @ A2 Distillery + Saajtak @ Bab's Underground (Ann Arbor Film Fest After party) (Ann Arbor, MI) 

29th: Saajtak House Party (Detroit, mi) 

30th: Brad Fritcher's Moods @ Creston Brewery (Grand Rapids, MI) 


2nd: Fire Music Mondays: Piotr Michalowski Sextet @ Trixie's (Hamtramck, MI) 

3rd: Tristan Cappel Quartet @ Ziggy's (Ypsilanti, MI)

7th: Saajtak @ Slate Arts (Chicago, IL)  

11th: Josh Harlow Trio @ Old Town (Ann Arbor, MI) 

13th: Justin Walter QUartet @ A2 Distillery (Ann Arbor, MI) 

14th-28th: Galen Bundy PIano Trio Album Release Tour @ The BOok Nook (Monatgue, MI) @ Ludington Public LIbrary (Ludington, MI) @ St. Ignace Public Library (St. Ignace, MI) @ Sault Ste. Marie Public LIbrary (Sault Ste. Marie, ON) @ Cafe Bodega (Marquette, MI) @ The Delft (Marquette, MI) @ Ore Dock Brewing Company (Marquette, MI) @ The Jazz Estate (MIlwaukee, WI) @ Alchemy (Madison, WI) @ Mother Fool's (Madison, WI) @ Merriman's Playhouse (South Bend, IN)

30th: Fire Music MOndays: W/ Ben WIllis and Dave Hurley @ Trixie's (Hamtramck, MI) 


5th: Polyfold Concert Series: Jon Taylor's MOver @ The Drawing Room (Brooklyn, NY) 

8th: BattleShags @ Spread Art (Detroit, MI) 

10th: The Great Collapsing Hrung @ Ziggy's (Ypsilanti, MI) 

12th: THrowaway @ Whateverfest (Detroit, MI) + Andrew Bishop's Prelude Theory @ LIVE (Ann Arbor, MI) 

16th: Tristan Cappel Trio @ OLd Town (Ann Arbor, MI) 

17th: Eli Namay and the Southeast MIchigan IMproviers Battalion @ Ziggy's (Ypsilanti, MI) 

19th: Saajtak Tour Kickoff @ Ghostlight (Hamtramck, MI) 

29th-31st: Saajtak East Coast Mini Tour @ Studio Gaga (Washington, D.C.) @ BLack Iris (Richmond, VA) @ THe Crown (Baltimore, MD) 


2nd-6th: Saajtak East Coast Mini Tour @ Secret Project Robot (Brooklyn, NY) @ Alchemy (Providence, RI) @ Sanctuary (Hamtramck, MI) 

8th: Balance : Expansions @ DIA's Detroit Film Theatre (Detroit, MI) 

10th: Galen Bundy Piano Trio @ Ye Olde Durty Bird (Toldeo, OH) 

20th: saajtak @ Ann Arbor Summer Festival (Ann Arbor, MI) 

21st: Charlie Sutherland Trio @ Delores (Ypsilanti, MI) 

23rd: Jon Taylor Trio @ The Whiskey Parlor (Detroit, MI) 

28th: saajtak Hectic EP release @ El Club (Detroit, MI) 


4th-8th: Travis Swanson Trio UP Tour @ Erickson Fine Arts Center (Curtis, MI), @ The Delft (Marquette, Mi), @ Marquette Famer's Market (w/ Patrick Booth, Harry South) (Marquette, MI), @ Cognition Brewing (Ishpeming, MI), @ Up NOrth Lodge (Gwinn, MI) 

10th: Michael Malis Trio @ Rashida Tlaib FUndraiser (Detroit, MI) 

14th: Nerve Presents: Gaudi (Ann Arbor, MI) + Saajtak @ The Loving TOuch (Ferndale, MI)  

15th-22nd Abigail Stauffer NOrthern Michigan Tour @ Fountain Point (Lake Leelanau, MI), @ Chateau Grand Traverse (Traverse City, MI), @ Mackinac Island Music Series (Mackinac Island, MI), @ Beaver Island Music Festival (Beaver Island, MI) 

23rd: Evan Haywood and The perfumed Gardans @ Electric Eye Cafe

24th-26th: Matt Endahl's Doomsday Philharmonic Performing Jacob's Ladder @ Elastic Arts (Chicago, IL), @ Mexicains Sans Frontieres (Grand Rapids, MI), @ Trinosophes (Detroit, MI) 

27th: Kirsten Carey's Uroboros Sextet @ Ziggy's (Ypsilanti, MI) 

28th: Josh Harlow Trio @ WHiskey Parlor (Detroit, MI) 

29th: Brad Fritcher's Moods @ Waterfront Park (Ludington, MI) 

30th: Evan Haywood and the Perfumed Gardens @ Ziggy's (Ypsilanti, MI) 


1st: Josh Harlow Trio @ Cliff Bell's (Detroit, MI) 

2nd: Tonotrope @ Tunes at Noon (Dearborn, MI) + Saajtak @ The BLind PIg (Ann Arbor, MI) 

6th-25th: Various Performances @ The Banff Centre

29th: TonoTrope @ Cliff Bell's (Detroit, MI) 


1st: Andy Adamson QuinteT @ Rancho Tranquilico (Dexter, MI) 

2nd: Galen BUndy Trio @ Ye OLde Durty Bird (ToLedo, OH) + Brennan Andes And Friends @ A2 Distillery (Ann ARbor, MI) 

6th: THe Pherotones @ THe Last WOrd (ANn ARbor, MI)

7th: Groove Plexus @ THe Raven Cafe (Port Huron, MI)

8th: saajtak @ Dally in THe Alley (Detroit, MI)

9th: Galen BUndy Trio @ Loutit District Library (Grand Haven, MI)

10th: Travis Swanson Trio @ Long ROad Distillers (Grand Rapids, MI)

13th: Saajtak @ The Blind Pig (Ann ARbor, MI)

14th: Strange Beautiful Music Detroit w/ James CoRnish LIght Opera + Marcus Elliot’s Beyond Rebellious Ensemble @ Detroit INstitute of Arts (Detroit, MI)

15th: Strange Beautiful Music Detroit w/ Betsy Soukup + saajtak @ Detroit Symphony Orchestra Cube (Detroit, MI)

16th: Brennan ANdes and Friends @ A2 Distillery (Ann ARbor, MI)

23rd: Rick ROe/Jon Taylor Duo @ A2 Distillery (Ann ARbor, MI)

24th: Fire Music MOndays w/ Kirsten Carey, Kaleigh WIlder @ Trixies (Hamtramck, MI)

25th: Tonotrope @ Cliff Bell’s (Detroit, MI)

27th: The Pherotones @ The Last WOrd (Ann ARbor, MI)

28th: Saajtak @ BAVE Album Release Show (Warren, MI)

29th: Saajtak @ Trumbullplex (Detroit, MI)


7th: Brennan Andes & Friends @ A2 Distillery (Ann Arbor, MI)

9th-12th: Teiku Fall Tour @ Ziggy’s (ypsilanti, MI), @ Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI), @ Blue Lake Public Radio + @ THe Book Nook (Montague, MI), @ One Spirit Center (Rockford, IL)

13th: W/ Rafael Statin and Jaribu Shahid @ The WHiksey Parlor (Detroit, MI)

14th: Abigail Stauffer and The WIsdom @ Rancho Tranquilico (Dexter, MI)

16th: W/ Tomeka Reid, ANdrew Bishop, SyLvia Bolognesi, Peter Formanek @ Encore Records (Ann Arbor, MI)

19th: Kirsten Carey’s Uroboros Sextet @ Edgefest (Ann ARbor, MI)

21st: Brennan Andes and Friends 1 year Anniversary @ A2 Distillery (ANn Arbor, MI)

23rd-31st: Saajtak East Coast Tour @ Rhizome (Washtington, DC), @ The Parlour + WXIT (Providence, RI), @ Greenpoint Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), @ Bourbon and Branch + WQHS (Philadelphia, PA), @ 3577 Studios + Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA), @ Renaissance House (Detroit, MI)


4th: Brennan Andes and Friends @ A2 Distillery (ANn Arbor, MI)

5th: Fire Music Mondays: Lanula @ Trixies (Hamtramck, MI)

10th-16th: Sonic Perfume Ontario & Quebec Tour @ Tranzac, @ The Rex, @ The Emmet Ray, @ University of Toronto (Toronto, ON), @ Cafe Resonance (Montreal, QC)

17th: W/ Patrick Booth & Michael Malis @ The Whiskey Parlor (Detroit, MI)

18th: Brennan Andes & Friends @ A2 Distillery (Ann ARbor, MI)

25th: Lanula @ Samastah Yoga (Ferndale, MI) + Kirsten Carey Songtime Trio @ Cliff Bell’s (Detroit, MI)

28th: Haldeman/Walter/Flood/Taylor @ Old Town (Ann ARbor, MI)


2nd: Brennan Andes & Friends @ A2 Distillery (Ann ARbor, MI)

3rd: Travis Swanson Trio @ Long Road Distillers (Grand Rapids, MI)

9th: The Decisions @ Spectrum (Brooklyn, NY)

10th: Throwaway @ El Cortez (Brooklyn, NY)

16th: Brennan Andes & Friends @ A2 Distillery (Ann ARbor, MI)

17th: Travis Swanson Trio @ Long Road Distillers (Grand Rapids, MI)

19th: W/ Josh Harlow @ Orotund Music (Chicago, Il)

20th: Hanah Jon Taylor’s Night of the Improviser @ Cafe Coda (Madison, WI)

22nd: Tonotrope @ The Whiskey Parlor (Detroit, MI)

23rd: Huff/Taylor Quartet @ A2 Distillery (Ann Arbor, MI)

30th: Brennan Andes & Friends @ A2 Distillery (Ann Arbor, MI)


































































































































4th: Will Mcevoy's Third Coast quartet @ Old Town (Ann Arbor, MI)

5th: The pherotones @ The last word (Ann Arbor, MI)

10th: Groove Plexus @ Ye Olde Durty Bird (Toledo, Oh)

13th: Saajtak @ the Blind Pig (Ann ARbor, MI)


2nd:  The Pherotones @The Last Word (ANn Arbor, MI)

5th: jon Taylor Trio @ Chelsea District Library (Chelsea, MI)

7th: Groove Plexus @ Ye Olde Durty Bird (Toledo, Oh)

9th: Willis/Taylor Duo @ Spread Art @Detroit Contemporary (Detroit, MI)

11th:  Brad Fritcher @ New Holland Brewing (Grand Rapids, MI)

14th-15th:  Wadada Leo Smith nonet @ GeorgeTown Day School (Washington, D.C.)

16th:  Gumshoe f. Luke Stewart & Aaron Quinn @ Twins Jazz (Washington, D.C.)

17th:  Saajtak @ The B-Side (Ann Arbor, MI)

19th: Evan HAywood @ ArborVitae (Ann Arbor, MI)

23-28: Saajtak Spokes EP Tour @The Blind PIg (Ann ARbor, MI), @ GOlden Mean Arts (Cincinnati, OH), @ Rhizome (Washington, D.C.), @ University of MAry Washington (Fredericksburg, VA), @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (Charlottesville, VA), @ THe Bun Shop (Baltimore, MD)


1-5: Saajtak Spokes EP Tour @The Glove (Brooklyn, NY), @Shapeshifter LAb (Brooklyn, NY), @ Machines With Magnets (Pawtucket, RI), @ Kung FU Necktie (Philadelphia, PA), @ HOwlers (pittsburgh, PA)

10th: Andy Adamson Quartet @ Rush St (Ann ARbor, MI)

11th: Saajtak @ Arbor Vitae (Ann Arbor, MI)

24th:  Travis Swanson Trio @ New Holland Brewing (Grand Rapids, MI)

28th: Peter Nelson Quartet @ Cliff Bells (Detroit, MI)

30th: Saajtak @ El Club (Detroit, MI)


2nd:  The Great Collapsing Hrung @ Trinosophes (Detroit, MI)

5th:  Will Mcevoy Quartet @ Old Town (Ann Arbor, MI)

15th: #Shift presented by Dance in the annex @ The Wealthy Theatre (Grand Rapids, MI)

21st:  WIllis/Taylor Duo @ Light Box (Detroit, MI)

22nd:  Brad Fritcher's Moods @ New Holland Brewing (Grand Rapids, MI)

29th:  Tyler Aukerman Trio @ Degage (Maumee, OH)


5th: Molly Jones' Microliths @ Trinosophes (Detroit, MI)

6th:  Willis/Taylor Duo @ Trinosophes +  Saajtak @ Spread Art @ Detroit Contemporary (Detroit, MI)

13th:  Evan Haywood @ Encore Records (Ann Arbor, MI) + w/ Saajtak @ Marble Bar (Detroit, MI)

19th:  Says Things @ Light Box (Detroit, MI)

20th: Saajtak @ ANdy (Detroit, MI)


3rd:  Saajtak @ UFO Factory (Detroit, MI)

7th:  Olin Clark Trio @ Cliff Bell's (Detroit, MI)

8th:  Saajtak @ The Blind Pig (Ann Arbor, MI)

9th:  Groove Plexus @ Tenacity Brewing (Flint, MI)

11th:  Saajtak @ Brillobox (Pittsburgh, PA)

13th:  Saajtak @ Kelly's Bar (Hamtramck, mI)

16th:  Saajtak @ A2 Distilling (Ann ARbor, MI)

17th: Nerve presents Bauhaus (Ann Arbor, MI) 

18th:  Aidan Cafferty & Olin Clark @ The Session Room + Ben Maloney Trio @ Weber's INn (Ann Arbor, MI)

23rd: Andy Adamson Quintet Album Release @ LIVe (Ann Arbor, MI)

24th:  Molly Jones' Microliths @ Solstice Jazz Festival (Lansing, MI) + Andrew Bishop Quartet @ Lula's (Owasso, MI) 

25th: Brennan Andes Family Band feat. MC Cadence @ Comstock (Ann ARbor, MI)

27th: Evan Haywood @ Donovan's pub (Detroit, MI)


1st: Groove Plexus ft. Nicole New @ Ye Olde Durty Bird (Toledo, OH)

7th: Saajtak @ UFO Factory (Detroit, MI) 

8th: Saajtak @ Trinosophes (Detroit, MI) 

15th: Travis Swanson Quintet @ Forestville Music Fest (Marquette, MI)

16th: Patrick Booth & Travis Swanson @ Doncker's (Marquette, MI) + Travis Swanson quartet @ Up North Lodge (Gwinn, MI) 

22nd: Andy Adamson quintet @ Ann Arbor Art Fair + W/ Dan Bennett and Tim Flood (Ann Arbor, MI) 

28th: Ben Willis Ensemble, Freedom House Benefit @ Light Box (Detroit, MI) 


1st: Saajtak @ Trumbullplex (Detroit, MI) 

2nd: Ben ROlston Trio @ Old Town Tavern (Ann Arbor, MI) 

4th: Galen Bundy Piano Trio @ A2 District Library (ANn Arbor, MI) + Tim Flood Trio @ Ziggy's (YPsilanti, MI) 

5th: W/ Power! + Lamarre & Dancers @ Sidewalk Festival for the performing arts (Detroit, MI)

10th: W/ Michael Malis and Jaribu Shahid @ Tunes at Noon (Dearborn, MI), Saajtak @ Arborvitae (Ann Arbor, MI)

11th: Galen Bundy Piano Trio @ Ludington District Library (Ludington, MI)

12th: Jon Taylor Quintet @ Trinosophes (Detroit, MI)

13th: W/ Ben Willis @ The Bottom Line (Detroit, MI)

21st: saajtak lite @ Trixie's (Hamtramck, MI)

24th: Jon Taylor Trio @ Cliff Bell's (Detroit, MI)

25th: W/ Dan Bennett and Tim Flood @ Rush Street (Ann Arbor, MI)


7th: Molly Jones' Microliths Album Release @ Spread ARt @ Detroit Contemporary (Detroit, MI)

8th: Tim Haldeman's Open Water as a CHild @ A2 Jazz Fest (Ann Arbor, MI)

9TH: Andrew Bishop Quintet @ A2 Jazz fest (Ann Arbor, MI)

14th: Travis Swanson Trio (Mackinack Island, MI)

17th: Saajtak @ Sonic Circuits Festival @ Rhizome DC (Washington, DC)

18th: fire Music Mondays @ Trixie's (Hamtramck, MI)

21st: Tim Flood Quartet @ Ziggy's (ypsilanti, MI)

22nd: Estar Cohen Project @ Floral Pursuit (Toledo, OH)

23rd: James Cornish Ensemble @ Strange Beautiful Music Detroit X (Detroit, MI)

24th: Saajtak @ Strange Beautiful Music Detroit X (Detroit, MI)

28th: James Cornish Ensemble (part of Psyjazz)  @ Trixie's (Hamtramck, MI)

29th: Andy Adamson Quintet @ Rush St (Ann Arbor, MI)


2nd: Says Things @ Spread Art (Detroit, MI)

4th: PanaMO @ Baker College (Allen Park, MI)

13th: Saajtak @ Encore Records (Ann Arbor, MI)

15th: Harlow/Taylor Duo @ Delaware Public Library (Delaware, OH)

16th: Fire Music Mondays: Jon Taylor Quintet @ Trixies (Hamtramck,MI) 

19th: Jon Taylor QUintet @ Edgefest (Ann Arbor, MI)

29th: Ingrid Racine Quartet @ Gandy Dancer (Ann Arbor, MI) 

30th: Abigail Stauffer @ Corner Brewery (Ypsilanti, MI) 


1st: Jon Taylor Quintet @ WCBN FM ANn Arbor 

2nd: Andy Adamson Quintet @ LIVE (Ann Arbor, MI) 

9th: w/ Josh Harlow, Betsy Soukup @ Ziggy's (Ypsilanti, MI) 

11th: Saajtak @ Cactus Club (Milwaukee, WI) 

12th: Saajtak @ ART IN (Madison, WI) 

16th: Tim Flood Quartet @ Ziggy's (Ypsilanti, MI) 

17th: Saajtak @ The Pike Room (Pontiac, MI) 

22nd:  Lazar/Flood/Taylor @ Ziggy's (Ypsilanti, MI) 

26th: Lazar/Elliot/Cappel/WIllis/Taylor @ Spread Art (Detroit, MI) 

27th: Peter Formanek Senior Recital @ Kerrytown Concert House (Ann ARbor,MI) 


1st: Says THings @ Spread Art (Detroit, MI) 

9th: Josh Harlow Trio @ The WHiskey Parlor (Detroit, MI) 

11th: Fire Music Mondays: Lanula @ Trixie's (Hamtramck, MI) 

14th: Tristan Cappel Quartet @ Ziggy's (Ypsilanti, MI) 

15th: Saajtak @ Korner Bar (Hamtramck, MI) 

18th: Michael Formanek Quartet @ Ziggy's (Ypsilanti, MI) 

21st: THe Great Collapsing Hrung @ Trinosophes (Detroit, MI)

23rd: Jon Taylor's Mover @ Trinosophes (Detroit, MI) 



2nd: w/ Yuma Uesaka, Alex Levine and Ben Rolston @ Canterbury House (Ann Arbor, MI)

22nd: ClockWork @ Motorcity Wine (Detroit)

29th: Polyfold Detroit Launch @ Trinosophes, (Detroit)

3oth: w/ Alex Levine, MAtt Setzler and Ben Rolston @ Canterbury house +  Saajtak @ Luther Co-op Winter Music Festival (Ann Arbor, mi)


1st-5th: Brad Fritcher's MOODs Tour @ Elastic arts @ Life Force Arts (Chicago) @ Blue Lake Fine Arts @ The Neighbor Gallery (Grand Rapids, MI)

9th:  Ian Finkelstein trio @ Cliff Bell's (Detroit)

13th: Radical Sounds Detroit W/ Arbor Composers' Collective @ Spread Art @Detroit Contemporary (Detroit)

25th: Lauren Scales quintet @ Baker's Keyboard Lounge (Detroit)


2nd:  Ian Finkelstein @ Motorcity wine (Detroit)

4th-5th: "Jeweled Net of the Vast Invisible" w/Stephen Rush and Andrew Bishop @ Living Art Space (Tulsa, ok)

10th: Malena Quintet CD release @ Cliff Bell's (Detroit)

11th: Mountain Shark CD Release @ the yellow barn (ann arbor, mi)

13th:  alex koi quartet + saajtak @ the yellow barn (ann arbor, mi)

18th: saajtak @ the club above (ann arbor, mi)

19th: "efflux" w/ simon alexander-adams @ the club above (ann arbor, mi)

23rd: lanula @ spread art @detroit contemporary (detroit)

25th: "imbolic" art installation by trista dymond w/ stephen boegehold @ the baltimore gallery (Detroit)

29th:  saajtak @ Canterbury house (ann Arbor, MI)

30th:  Says Things feat. Rachael Ahn Harbert @ Spread Art @Detroit Contemporary (detroit)

31st:  Lauren Scales quintet @ Baker's Keyboard lounge (Detroit)


15th-16th: Detroit Free Arts Festival w/ Marcus Elliot Ensemble + Jake Shadik trio @ Spread Art @Detroit Contemporary (Detroit)

22nd: Arbor Composers' Collective @ Kerrytown Concert House (ann Arbor, MI)

24th:  Will Mcevoy's third coast quartet @ spread art @detroit Contemporary (detroit)

30th:  saajtak @ kelly's bar (hamtramck, mi)


4th: Jon Taylor's Rocket to the moon @ spread art @detroit contemporary (detroit)

7th: w/ Rachael Ahn Harbert @ canterbury house (ann arbor, mi)

10th:  tim haldeman trio @ old town tavern (ann arbor, mi)

11th:  malena quintet @ the BOb (grand rapids, mi)

12th:  saajtak @ the blind pig (ann arbor, mi)

13th: "[drohn]" by osman kahn & james cornish @ museum of contemporary art detroit (detroit)


4th: "twin 72: inside the mind of thomas bell" w/ costa sirdenis @ spread art@detroit contemporary (detroit)

7th:  Marcus Elliot Quartet @ Cliff Bell's (Detroit)

8th: w/ Ben Willis and Derek worthington @ canterbury house (ann arbor, mi)

11th: evan haywood @ buttermilk jamboree (delton, mi)

21st: malena quartet @ make music detroit festival (detroit)

24th: "efflux" w/simon alexander-adams @pop art + evan haywood @ the blind pig (ann arbor, mi)


4th: soul pasty @ ore dock brewing company (marquette, mi)

9th:  Saajtak @ Detroit Bureau of Sound (Detroit)

16th:  James Cornish Ensemble @ Crash Festival (Detroit)

17th: evan haywood record relase @ the getup vintage [ann arbor, mi]+ saajtak @ trumbellplex (detroit)

21st: Saajtak @ pj's lager house (detroit)

23rd:  andy adamson quartet @ ann arbor art fair (ann arbor, mi)

29th:  estar Cohen project @ fleetwood's taproom (toledo, oh) +  ben willis quintet f. matt endahl @ spread art @detroit contemporary (detroit)

30th:  saajtak @ lutherfest


4th: w/ ian finkelstein + Matt Setzler quartet + molly jones ensemble for polyfold summer concert series @ paradise valley park (detroit)

6th: molly jones conduction ensemble +  even gems @ sidewalk festival for the performing arts (detroit)

11th: "the straights" jon taylor quintet + alex koi quintet for polyfold summer concert series @ paradise valley park (detroit)

19th: Will Mcevoy's third coast quartet @ kerrytown concert house (ann arbor, mi)

21st: "Horizon Lines" by Chris Sies for Hitting Stuff! presented by the detroit bureau of sound @ the jam handy (detroit)

24th: Spread Art artists in residence: molly jones & ben willis @ spread art @ detroit contemporary (Detroit)

25th:  Yuma Uesaka sextet for Polyfold Summer concert series @ the carr center (Detroit)

31st: Tim Haldeman Quartet feat. Kenny Warren & Will Mcevoy @ Old Town (Ann Arbor, MI)


2nd: Saajtak for (Freekjazz mini fest) @ Spread Art @ Detroit Contemporary (Detroit)

4th:  Grawlixes (Erika Dohi, Alex Fournier, Aakash Mittal) @ Williamsburg Music Center (Brooklyn, NY)

7th:  Yuma Uesaka Sextet for Polyfold Presents Isosceles Man, Yuma Uesaka Sextet, and AMP trio @ Club bonafide (NYC)

17th:  Galen bundy @ the book nook (montague, MI)

21st-23rd: Brad Fritcher's MOODS tour @ SpeakEZ, @ Kate Lewis Ceramics, @ Mexicains sans Frontieras (Grand Rapids, MI)

24th:  Evan Haywood + Josef Deas Trio (Ann Arbor, MI)

25th:  Mountain Shark @ the ark (ann Arbor, MI)

29th: Saajtak @ Spread Art @ Detroit Contemporary (Detroit)

30th:  Tim haldeman and Ben Willis @ PopX Festival (Ann Arbor, MI)


3rd:  Saajtak @ Kelly's Bar (Hamtramck, MI)

8th:  Can Banter (Ben Rolston & Ben Willis) for Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival (Hamtramck, MI)

13th: Can Banter @ Kelly's (Hamtramck, Mi)

14th: Saajtak @ Phoenix Cafe (Hazel Park, mi)

15th:  Gary Schunk @ the Maple Theatre (bloomfield, mi)

17th-24th: Sonic Perfume Tour @The Emmet Ray (Toronto), @Pressed (Ottawa, on), @Resonance (Montreal), @ Silence (Guelph, on), @ Havn (Hamilton, on), @ Tranzac (Toronto)

26th:  Will mcevoy's Third Coast Quartet for EdgeFest @ Kerrytown Concert House (Ann Arbor, Mi)

28th:  Estar Cohen @ Fleetwood Taproom (Toledo, oh)


4th: Lanula EP release @ Spread Art@ Detroit Contemporary (Detroit)

12th: StraightHorn @ The Shed (Durham, NC)

13th:  Gumshoe @ Neptune's Parlour (Raleigh, NC)

16th: Polyfold Presents: Mover by Jon Taylor @ The Carr Center (Detroit)

17th:  saajtak @ Encore records (ann arbor, mi)

18th: Travis Swanson's American music trio @ Cognition brewery (Ishpeming, mi)

22nd:  Travis Swanson's American Music trio @ Blackrocks brewery (marquette, mi)

30th:  Tim Haldeman Trio @ Old Town Tavern (Ann Arbor, MI)


8th: Saajtak @ Pj's Lager House (Detroit)

9th: Saajtak @ The Club Above (Ann Arbor, Mi)

14th: Andrew Bishop Quartet @ Old Town Tavern (Ann Arbor, MI)



30th: "potlatch" collaboration w/ rachael ahn harbert @ spread art@detroit contemporary (detroit)


6th: Tribute to the aacm w/ jaribu Shahid quintet @ over the pavement festival @trinosophes (detroit)

17th:  the tone farmers @ the corner brewery (ypsilanti, mi)

28th:  michael malis @ lo & behold (hamtramck, mi)


9th-11th: kirsten carey's ulysses project tour @ downtown arts center (lexington, ky) @ the stone fox (nashville, tn) @ val halla's (oak park, il)

14th-18th: raptor billy tour @ Ibeam (brooklyn, ny) @ an die musik (baltimore, md) @bohemian caverns (washington, d.c.) @ carrboro arts center (carrboro, nc) @ neptune's parlour (raleigh, nc)

20th: saajtak @tedx conference @ the power center (ann arbor, mi)

21st: "fine print" w/ lisa lamarre, rachael ahn harbert, and james cornish @ the music hall (detroit)

27th: radical sounds detroit w/ nick tallides and nick ian riley @ spread art@ detroit contemporary (Detroit)


15th-16th: ian finkelstein trio @ the dirty dog (grosse point farms, mi)

24th: totally awesome fest w/ battleshags @ dreamland theatre (ypsilanti, mi)

25th: canterbury house music festival w/ jon taylor's rocket to the moon+saajtak+rhyta musik+ the great collapsing hrung


2nd:  the great collapsing hrung @ canterbury house (ann arbor, mi)

7th: james cornish and nick tallides @ kelly's bar (hamtramck, mi)

12th: "jeweled net of the vast invisible" w/ stephen rush and andrew bishop @ duderstadt video studio (ann arbor, mi)

16th: "michigan dances at the carr" w/ mike khory and robin wilson @ the carr center (detroit)

17th: porous borders festival w/ james cornish ensemble (hamtramck, mi)


3rd-11th: the music of elliot hughes w/ brad linde's big ol' tour @ carrboro arts center (carrboro, nc) @ Wfpw w/ raptor billy (washington, dc) @ the jazz gallery (nyc) @ an die musik (baltimore, md) @ atlas theatre for dc jazz festival (washington, dc)

14th: lanula @ spread art@ detroit contemporary (detroit)


3rd:  Brad Fritcher and joe vasquez @ west michigan wine and jazz festival (montague, mi)

10th: great collapsing hrung @ spread art @detroit contemporary (detroit)

13th: james cornish, molly jones, patrick behnke, james baljo @ kelly's bar (hamtramck, mi)

14th: "ones" solo set @ spread art @detroit contemporary

16th:  jake shadik, matt setzler, and joe fee @ canterbury house (ann arbor, mi)

17th:  andy adamson quartet @ ann arbor art fair (ann arbor, mi)

23rd: "canyonlands" by patrick behnke @spread art @detroit contemporary (detroit)

24th:  michael malis @ kelly's bar (hamtramck, mi)

25th: "hoffa: starchild" by james cornish @spread art @detroit contemporary

26th:  tim haldeman and ben rolston @ weber's (ann arbor, mi)

30th: kirsten carey @ canterbury house (ann arbor, mi)


1st: Sidewalk festival for the performing arts w/ james cornish quartet + patrick behnke group+ legs (Rachael Ahn Harbert & Ben Willis) wsg Patrick Behnke

12th-22nd: "ulysses s. grant: a fluxkit opera" by stephen rush @ theater on the square for indy fringe fest (indianapolis, in)

28th:  Malena quartet @ transistor (chicago)

29th: Saajtak @ the blind pig (ann arbor, mi)

30th:  tim haldeman and ben willis @ the jolly pumpkin (ann arbor, mi)


2nd:  justin rock quartet @ cliff bell's (detroit)

9th: Battleshags @ the blind pig (ann arbor, mi)

14th: battleshags @trinosophes (detroit)

19th: willo collective for strange beautiful music detroit @ orchestra hall (detroit)

25-26th: "they were displaced... and again" by lisa lamarre @ artprize 7 (grandrapids, mi)


2nd-3rd: "they were displaced... and again" by lisa lamarre @ artprize 7 (grandrapids, mi)

9th: open skate w/ simon alexander-adams @ yost ice arena (ann arbor, mi)

10th:  jordan vale quartet @ the harris building (grand rapids, mi)

21st:  Arbor Composers' collected @ kerrytown Concert house for edgefest (ann arbor, mi)

22nd: ian finkelstein quartet @ the dirty dog (grosse point farms, mi)


3rd: "threes" w/ legs @ spread art @detroit contemporary (detroit)

7th: radical sounds detroit w/ battleshags @ spread art @detroit contemporary (Detroit) 

14th:  tim haldeman and ben willis @ canterbury house (ann arbor, mi)

18th: andy adamson cd release show @ kerrytown concert house (ann arbor, mi)

20th: the tone farmers @ augur's kettle (ann arbor, mi)


1st: marcus elliot quartet @cliff bell's (detroit)

5th: Panamo @ detroit public library for noel night+ says things @ spread art @detroit contemporary for radical sounds detroit (detroit)

18th: polyfold launch show @ shapeshifter lab (brooklyn, ny)

20th: Gary schunk trio (riverside, mi)

23rd:  justin rock quartet @ cliff bell's (detroit)

27th: Matt Kiroff Ensemble @ the Go Factory (Cleveland)




4th(?): drumset demonstration and performance with nawal singh ensemble @nirman school (varanasi, india)


7th: jonathan Lucas @elks lodge (ann arbor, mi)

20th-21st: "noise/void" by simon alexander adams @ duderstadt video studio (ann arbor, MI)

29th: Kirsten carey quartet + molly jones quartet @ spread art@ detroit contemporary (detroit, mi)


3rd:  battleshags @ canterbury house (ann arbor, mi)

4th:  andrew bishop trio @ elks lodge (ann arbor, mi)

5th: mountain shark @ canterbury house (ann arbor, mi)

6th: jazz mass @ st. clare's w/ Ed sarath, andrew bishop, kurt kranke (ann arbor, mi)

24th: Arbor Composers' collective @ spread art @detroit contemporary (detroit)

26th: Canterbury house music festival w/ jon taylor's rocket to the moon + arbor composers' collective @ canterbury house (ann arbor, mi)


2nd:  Jonathan Lucas @ elks lodge (ann arbor, mi)

3rd:  pat booth and ben willis @ canterbury house (ann arbor, mi)

4th: water hill music festival w/ ed sarath ensemble (ann arbor, mi)

10th-15th: Kirsten carey's ulysses project tour @ spread art @detroit contemporary (detroit) @spectrum (nyc) @ An Die Musik (baltimore, md) @ the windup space (baltimore, md) @ garfield artworks (pittsburgh)

23rd:  james cornish ensemble @ eastern market +  patrick behnke ensemble for radical sounds detroit @ detroit contemporary (detroit)

29th: lauren scales quartet @ the grand hotel (mackinack island, mi)

31st:  lamarre and dancers @ balduck park (detroit)


7th:  Gumshoe (Brad Linde, Patrick Booth, Erika Dohi) feat. Oran Etkin and Marvin Sewell @ Seeds (Brooklyn, ny)

8th: isim conference final concert w/ Dave liebman quintet + wadada leo smith ensemble @ the new school (nyc) + GumShoe @ the Drawing Room (Brooklyn, NY)

10th-12th: "fineprint" tour w/ lisa lamarre, rachael ahn harbert, and james cornish (traverse city, mi) (grand rapids,mi)

27th(?): with iasj ensemble (cape town, south africa)


13th: (all sundays through october or so) w/ dan bennett, tim haldeman, justin walter, kirsten carey, ben willis @ rush st (ann arbor, mi)

17th: andy adamson quartet @ the last word (ann arbor, mi)

18th: andy adamson quartet @ ann arbor art fair (ann arbor, mi) +  james cornish and jason adler @ lo & behold (hamtramck, mi)

22nd:  michael malis trio @ cliff bell's (detroit)

25th: jon taylor quartet @ elks lodge (ann arbor, mi)

28th:  tim haldeman, kirsten carey, ben willis @ canterbury house (ann arbor, mi)


2nd: "creatures of the lost realm" + "drones of love" by lisa lamarre @ sidewalk festival for the performing arts

11th-13th: the music of elliot hughes by brad linde's big ol' tour @ bohemian caverns (washington, dc) @the jazz gallery (nyc) @ An Die Musik (baltimore, md)

15th:  nick tallides and bubba ayoub @ kleinhaus (hamtramck, mi)

16th: "we are all gaza" benefit concert w/ michael malis and ben willis @the arab american national museum (dearborn, mi)

30th:  phil Albert @ 80 gladstone (toronto, on)

31st: Alex fournier, allison Au, and patrick o'reilly @ the array space (toronto, on)


6th: alex levine quintet @Speakez loune (grand rapids, mi)

7th: lamarre and dancers + james cornish ensemble @ eastern market (detroit)

12th: "fine print" w/ lisa lamarre, rachael ahn harbert, and james cornish @ wayne state university (Detroit)

21st:  luke polipnik and ben willis @ spread art @detroit contemporary (detroit)


4th:  olin clark trio @ el troppo (lansing, mi)

17th: Battleshags @ canterbury house (ann arobr,mi)

24th: Jon taylor trio@ elks lodge (ann arbor, mi)


1st: Darrin James @wolverine brewing company (ann arbor, mi)

5th-8th: Sonic perfume tour @ speakez (grandrapids, mi) @ the book nook (Montague, mi) @mexicaines sans fronterras (grandrapids, mi) @ irock jazz festival (new buffalo, mi)

21st:  glenn tucker and tim haldeman @ libby's (jackson, mi)


1st: Albert ayler tribute w/ nick tallides @ lo & behold (hamtramck, mi)

3rd: ishmael ali's zebec @ canterbury house (ann arbor, mi)

5th: "water" w/ james cornish ensemble @ spread art @ detroit contemporary (detroit)

19th: radical sounds detroit w/ the great collapsing hrung @spread art @detroit contemporary (detroit) 

28th:  james cornelison and ben rolston @ weber's (ann arbor)

31st: The Tone farmers @ corner brewery (ypsilanti, MI)